April, 10 2010 - Achieve Services Inc - 5th Annual "Get On Board" Event

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Debating whether or not to bid on this piece of art. Viewing all of the items at the silent auction. Bidding on some items at the silent auction. Enjoying a stroll around the sunny room.
Making a bid! Seated and enjoying the sunset over the golf course. Resting their feet after shopping at the auction. Checking out some of the baskets of goodies at the auction.
Board member catching up with an aquaintance. A view of the room where dinner will be served and the comedy will take place. Checking out all of the goodies in the baskets! Taking a moment to catch up while shopping.
Enjoying some time together. Having some fun during the cocktail reception. Taking a break from the high bidding. Making a bid!
A couple of guests having a great time. It's party time!! Check out these awesome straws! Enjoying the cocktail reception.
A beautiful flower arrangement for sale. Registering the guests. Examining a handmade quilt. Perfect gift for a little girl.
Board members have to bid on some stuff, too! Discussing the baskets for sale. Making a bid. Some man time among all this shopping.
One of the tables of guests. Taking some time to relax before the food and entertainment begins! Introducing one of the Achieve workers. Welcoming the group.
Telling the group a little bit about his day to day experiences with Achieve. A table of attendees. Sitting down for dinner. Catching up before dinner begins.
An attendee having a fun time. Enjoying some conversation. A couple of attendees enjoying their time together! One of the board members seated at her table.
Getting ready for dinner. A candid of a board member. Dinner is served! Another candid of a board member.
Waiting to eat dinner! Spending some time together outside of the office. Catching up. Sharing a secret.
Recognizing (i.e. teasing) a significant donor. Recognizing the board members. Katie Friary, event organizer. Natalie Steffen.
Time for the raffle! A lucky guy wins this tin man. Taking a bit of recognition. A winner!
A board member enjoys the raffle. Natalie Steffen A board member enjoys the entertainment. A candid of a board member.
A board member and her husband. Smile! A raffle winner! A raffle winner!
Handing out prizes to the raffle winners. A raffle winner! Enjoying her win! A board member and her husband.
Here comes the comedy! The entertainment is here! Laughing at the comedian. The room enjoying the entertainment.
C. Willi Myles      
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