March, 23 2010 - United Way of Olmsted County Celebration of Caring and Giving

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Attendees getting ready for the event. Programs. The attendees are starting to have some fun. Catching up before the event.
The YWCA of Minnesota. Music during the reception. Two United Way supporters catch up before dinner. Chatting before the awards begin.
The Edina Realty team smiles for a picture. One of the Girl Scouts of Olmsted County takes her seat. Some of the attendees of the event strike a pose for the camera. President Karen Erlenbusch talks with some of the United Way supporters.
Hanging out during the cocktail reception. Some of the attendees enjoy some time together before dinner begins. A table at the fundraiser. The Girl Scouts table is ready for dinner!
Enjoying some time together before the awards ceremony begins. Jon Eckhoff's kids smile for the camera. As guests arrive they check in and pick up an event program. A couple of attendees enjoy some time together during the cocktail reception.
The tables are seated and the event is about to begin! Catching up and enjoying some time together. Seated and ready for dinner. The keynote speaker talks to the 2010 campaign chair.
Enjoying some time with co-workers out of the office. One of the award recipients. Seated and ready to go! One of the attendees enjoying some light conversation.
Jon Eckhoff sits with his family. Rich Harwood speaks with the future campaign chair. The clocks offered to retiring board members. Welcoming the group.
Jon Eckhoff talks about the year of fundraising. Karen Erlenbusch speaks with Rich Harwood. Getting ready to present the awards. The first recipient accepts her award.
Another recipient of an achievement in fundraising award. Enjoying a moment of recognition for a year of hard work. The United Way thanks another significant donor. Jon Eckhoff enjoys his last moments as campaign chair.
The next fundraising manager! A recipient of thanks for significant fundraising achievement. Karen Erlenbusch thanks the director of the YWCA of Olmsted County. The Girl Scouts of Olmsted County receive an award for significant fundraising.
The girls come to join their mentors on the stage. Many thanks to the GIrl Scouts for their contributions! More award recipients. Taking the time to thank each award recipient personally.
Taking a moment to pause for the camera. Award recipients. Award recipients. Award recipients.
Award recipients. Karen Erlenbusch and Jon Eckhoff. Karen Erlenbusch offers a clock as a symbol of thanks to retiring board members Karen Erlenbusch and a retiring board member.
Recipient offers his thanks for the award. Karen Erlenbusch offers a gift to an honoree. Recipient and his family. Karen Erlenbusch and an honoree.
Rich Harwood speaking to the United Way of Olmsted County. An award recipient and his family. Rich Harwood from the Harwood Institute. Rich Harwood speaks to the United Way supporters.
President Karen Erlenbusch presents the call for action. Wrapping up after a fun evening!    
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